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Green Mountain Physical Therapy Bellingham, WA

Green Mountain PT was founded in 2020 by Dr. Sarah Paxson and is named after the beautiful green mountains of Vermont, which fostered Sarah's love and appreciation for recreating in the mountains. 


Whether you are an elite athlete, are having trouble sleeping, are having pain trying to tie your shoes, or are experiencing pelvic pregnancy pains, we can help!

Learn more about us, and how we can help you below!

Green Mountain Physical Therapy Bellingham, WA
MEET Dr. Sarah Paxson, PT, DPT, OCS Owner, Physical Therapist

Dr. Sarah Paxson is a Board-Certified Clinical Specialist in Orthopedic Physical Therapy.

Dr. Sarah Paxson (preferred pronouns she/her) is a physical therapist who specializes in orthopedics and sports medicine. Sarah enjoys helping people recover from injuries to facilitate their return to what is meaningful for them - whether that is sleeping comfortably without pain, hiking in the mountains, or being able to play with their kids. Each person has a “story,” and Sarah enjoys merging the story with a thorough movement analysis in order to determine how to best help people improve their quality of life.

Sarah grew up in the beautiful green mountains of Vermont, which cultivated her thirst for the outdoors. She enjoys mountain biking, skiing, playing ice hockey, running, and trying to keep up with her young boys and husband. Given her background as an elite level athlete, she has endured many injuries, and has gleaned a greater empathy and appreciation for the recovery process. 

She enjoys bringing her background as a personal trainer and registered yoga teacher into her practice as a physical therapist.

Sarah earned her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from the University of Washington in 2013 and her Board-Certified Clinical Specialist in Orthopedic Physical Therapy in 2016. Her nine years of experience as an orthopedic physical therapist, combined with her history as an elite level athlete, allows her to relate to her clients and to provide a holistic approach to their overall wellness. Sarah strives to empower her clients with the tools they need so they can return to doing what they love.


Phone: 360-230-8033

Dr. Sarah Paxson Green Mountain Physical Therapy Bellingham, WA

A Bellingham native, Dr. Jennifer Feagles (preferred pronouns she/her) has been a licensed physical therapist since 2007, when she graduated from the University of Puget Sound. She enjoys working with a diverse clientele and she treats a variety of orthopedic and movement-based conditions. Her primary clinical focus is Pelvic Floor Health, including treatment of: pelvic pain, pregnancy, post-pregnancy conditions, and bladder and bowel disorders. She even started Peace Health’s Women’s Health Program.

She additionally loves working with active older clients as well as individuals who have undergone post-operative joint replacements.

Jennifer has a varied athletic background of gymnastics, tennis, skiing, biking, hiking, and dance. She currently enjoys family time, hiking with her dog, dancing, and yoga.


Phone: 360-230-8033

MEET Dr. Jennifer Feagles, PT, DPT
Pelvic Health & Orthopedic Specialist
Dr. Jennifer Feagles Green Mountain Physical Therapy Bellingham, WA
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